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We supply a wide range of tools for business and personal applications as well as other products that you might need around the office and at home. We supply storage and tools solutions to many industries including the medical and pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industries tradesmen and engineering industry alike.

We offer our corporate customers special rates so they can take advantage of our bulk buying opportunities and receive special pricing. Our Individual customers have access to our 5% off your first purchase offer!

Free Deliveries

We offer Free delivery to your door for orders over £49.99 + VAT to cut down costs and make our products more accessible to our customers.

Shop our various Product Lines & Massive Tools Range

Buy all your tools with us as we act as a single source supplier, saving you time, money with deliveries straight to your door. Our product lines including top brands like Dassy, Werner, Pyramex and DeWalt with competitive prices to ensure you get a great deal on our products.

Our VDE insulated tools are safe to use for various work like electrical, thermal, mechanical, radiological, toxicological, and more. We have a good selection of anti-drop tools, designed to keep you safe and prevent injuries.

Stay Safe At Work

Our safety workwear includes flame retardant clothing, weatherproof clothing and high visibility clothing to keep you warm and seen at all times. Shop jackets, trousers, overalls, fleeces, t-shirts, lab coats, and more. Our workwear is durable and designed with the wearer in mind, so many of these items include handy pockets to hold your tools. Our safety shoes include heavy duty toe-capped boots as well as non-slip shoes safe to use in workplaces and spaces where spills can occur.

We stock a vast range of safety products and safety signs, labels, anti-slip matts, barriers, spill containment, lockable storage, and more. We also stock safety goggles, face shields, earmuffs, gloves, and more to protect your eyes, face, ears, and hands. Keep your staff safe and meet safety regulations by purchasing our first aid kits, cupboards, and supplies.

ESD Equipment & More

Our ESD equipment is suitable for use in electrostatically sensitive environments, such as vehicle plants, surgery theatres, computer repair shops and more. We stock flashlights, inspection equipment and mirrors, tweezers, extractors, and much more. Check out our ionisers, cleaning chemicals, ESD clothing, and more. We also have a great selection of assembly aids, designed to make assembly safer, faster, and easier.

Whatever you need, we can source it for you. Please contact our sales team if you have any queries on a specific product that you would like us to procure for you.