Cable Accessories

Cable Accessories

Cable ties and cable guns play an indispensable role in various industries and daily activities due to their versatility and efficiency. Also referred to as zip ties, cable ties offer a straightforward and secure means of bundling and organizing cables, wires, and other items. With a design that facilitates quick and easy installation, they ensure a tidy appearance while minimizing the risk of tangling or damage. Tie guns, or cable guns, enhance the application process by providing a convenient mechanism for precision tightening and cutting of the ties.

Beyond their primary function in cable management, these tools prove valuable in a myriad of applications, such as securing packages for shipping or organizing outdoor events. The combination of durability, user-friendly design, and affordability makes cable ties and guns essential tools for individuals seeking a reliable solution for bundling and fastening in a wide range of settings.

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  •  Rennsteig 8007 5004 6 RT Cable Tie Removal Tool  Rennsteig 8007 5004 6 RT Cable Tie Removal Tool

    Rennsteig 8007 5004 6 RT Cable Tie Removal Tool


    £52.39 Inc. VAT
    £42.59 Ex. VAT
    This tool is especially designed for opening the heads of cable ties without harming bundled items.Light weight (0.2 lbs)Recommended by the aircraft industryWire tie "capture" cutting design, prevents wire tie head from ejecting into sensitive...
    £52.39 Inc. VAT
    £42.59 Ex. VAT
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    £52.39 Inc. VAT
    £42.59 Ex. VAT
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